What Soldiers Say
Photo of soldier with son

"When I was in Iraq the days went by so fast that I would often look at my watch and realize I was a day or two behind on a loved one's birthday or important anniversary.

"Many times we forget the ones who keep the home fires burning while we are away, but with Heroes At Home we can let them know we are thinking about them as much as they are thinking about us. In two words, your company is thoughtful and brilliant."

— Capt. Dominic Otto, Washington

"I am currently serving my third tour overseas and I am so grateful for this service. It's so important to keep in touch with those who you love and I strongly encourage all soldiers deployed to use Hereos at Home to ensure they don't miss important dates."

— 1Lt. Bruno Dessolini, California

"If I had known about this service during my last trip to Iraq it would have made the deployment much easier for myself and my family."

— MSG Ken Jackola, Oregon

"Knowing I can always be connected to my family no matter where I'm stationed greatly improves my ability to focus on my mission here in Afghanistan."

— SFC Mark Browning, Oregon